Free Tour Manchester in Spanish

Si Manchester is the only tour operator to offer a Free tour Manchester in Spanish

We know how hard it is to travel to a different city, a different country, a different food and specially a different language. Well, we can make that las part easier: we are the only company to offer a Free tour Manchester in Spanish.

Manchester might look a “difficult city at first” accused of having “nothing to see” and even accused of being uglier than the back of a fridge

Ivo Delgado had a different opinion and founded “Si Manchester” in 2015 as an independent blog-guide of the city.

He believes that Manchester has a lot to offer so started recommending the best places in the city and doing tours around the NQ.

Everything changed in 2017.

After attending Ariana Grande’s concert and surviving the Manchester Arena’s terrorist attack he realised that Manchester is something more than a city, it has a spirit that no book can explain, and the beauty of Manchester is not only in buildings, streets, statues or museums.

Manchester has a personality.

Creating Si Manchester Free Tours in Spanish it was the best way to explain to everybody how this city has been shaped, and for everyone to understand why he loves this city.

And “Si Manchester Free Tours” was born with one main idea:

Si Manchester is not only a Tour.

Si Manchester is his story.

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