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Free Manchester Walking tour | Si Manchester Free tour is the longest and most complete path through the whole City. Voted as the number one tour in the City

Voted as the best tour in Manchester on TripAdvisor on 2018 & 2019!

Traveler’s Choice Tripadvisor 2019 & 2020 


Free Tours “Si Manchester” is the most personal and best Free Tour in Manchester in 2018.  We provide professional tours with no upfront cost, so that you can enjoy a quality sightseeing experience, no matter what your budget is.

If you only have a few days in the city, or you want to discover its secrets and explore the main attractions, this is the Manchester Free Walking Tour. Because we are limited by number we can ensure we give you a personal experience and you can really get to know your tour guide and the rest of the people on your tour.

Our tour guides are in love with the city, and being in a personal small tour they can answer all of your questions and make tailor made suggestions to make the most of your time in Manchester.

All the main attractions are located in the city center, so this tour is the perfect choice to get to know Manchester in just a few hours.





10:30 AM

Every Day rain or Shine

Duration: 2:00/2:15 hours

Saturday & Sunday – 10:30 & 14:00



Reservations are required for a guaranteed spot on the tour. We hate those free tours where you can’t hear what’s being said because there are +50 people on it. Reservations help us determine the number of guides we need to ensure that our groups remain manageable and enjoyable.

So we strongly suggest contacting us before turning up to a tour to avoid disappointment, our phone number is 07746943389 we accept, texts, whatsapps, phone calls, emails… whatever is easier for youLoading…

During the tour We’ll walk among the old terracota factories and chimneys to learn the stories and social changes in the first industrial city in the world.

We will also have time to cover the main buildings and attractions like the first ever man made canal, the magnificent Royal Exchange, the historic town hall, and the best kept hidden gems that makes this tour the perfect way of introducing you to the city.

The tour will cover ALL THE MAIN ATTRACTIONS and other surprises being THE MOST COMPLETE FREE TOUR IN THE CITY


These tours are only in the English language. El tour es solo en inglés.

The tour is wheelchair accessible.


This is Manchester and the show must go on! Our tours go out rain or shine. Dress appropriately for the conditions. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended and an umbrella is always handy. Wear extra layers of clothes and be prepared.


Your tour will be made by Ivo or Gareth, we are locals and love the City.

Ivo is originally from Spain but studied at the University of Manchester 12 years ago (we are getting old) and stayed here. A journalist and a published writer with several awards and part of the community of Manchester.

Gareth also studied at the University of Manchester and has lived in the city for the last 19 years. During his time in the city he has worked in hospitality learning about the city and its people so he knows all the insights of Manchester.

Free Tour Si Manchester is the best Review Tour in Manchester for the third consecutive month

The Tour Company “Si Manchester” founded by two Manchester Arena terrorist attack survivors manage to be the best reviewed tour in Manchester for a third consecutive month

Si Manchester, the tour company founded by Ivo Delgado (33) and Gareth Smith (36) is once again the best reviewed tour in Manchester and the favorite Tour in Manchester according to their users. This is the third consecutive month that Si Manchester sits down at the top of Tripadvisor leaderboard after getting the Top Spot as the Best tour in Manchester in 2018.

The company offers a range of different Free Walking Tours in Manchester as well as a range of paid tours and experiences in Manchester. The company was born after both owners survived at the terrorist attack on May 22 after Ariana Grande’s concert. After that experience Ivo Delgado decided to offer Free Tours In Spanish to explain why he was in love with the city and how that traumatic experience changed his life in the city “Doing the free tour in Spanish was part of therapy, as I could share the immense gratitude and love I feel for this city with all the travelers”

Gareth joined Ivo to this adventure offering free tours in English everyday with a complete path through the history, changes and lifestyle in the city “The terrorist is just one more story that shapes a city of industry, suffragette, revolutions, football and specially it’s a city of people, people who changed history and still does being part of a beautiful beehive”

Their FreeTour walks through Chinatown, Gay Village, Little Ireland, Factory Records, Home Manchester, Haçienda, St Peter Square, Town Hall, John Rylands Library, St. Anne’s Square, Royal Exchange, The Shambles and Manchester Cathedral being the most complete tour in the city . All their Free Tours starts at 10:00 from Piccadilly Gardens (outside Manchester visitor information Centre)

For the future the company is quickly growing into more alternative routes and experiences like a exploration of Manchester Gay Bars and the Beer tour experience visiting local breweries and pubs and trying local beers of Manchester.

Sandemans Manchester

Sandemans Manchester, are you looking for a better free Tour in Manchester

Our Free tours in Manchester are way better than any other free tour you could imagine like Sandemans Manchester, here’s why.

You are probably looking for a Sandemans Manchester to make a Freetour in Manchester, well here’s the reality: There’s no Sandemans Free Tour in Manchester. But don’t panic I’m going to explain to you why we believe we are better and we are the number one reviewed Free Tour in the City. You have probably made a lot of Free tours around Europe including the famous and popular Sandemans New Europe Free Tours or more popular know as Sandemans.

We don’t have a script or a template. I’m sorry to say this to you, but Sandemans gives a script to all his tour guides. When you do a tour in a city we believe you want a local will tell you interesting facts about the city and show you why he loves the city. There are brilliant guides on Sandemans, absolutely amazing, but Sandemans is a big company that wants everyone to say more or less the same so you don’t really get the real experience of a local. On Si Manchester Free Tours you get what you want: Independent tour guides that will show you the city you love from a local perspective. No scripts. No templates.

We are not pushing you selling. Do you ever wanted to know how Sandemans New Europe Free Tours work? It’s simple, they have create a big company and then all the tour guides are freelances that can use their brand on exchange on paying them a fee per booking. Didn’t you realize why they take that picture that some never post? yes, you got it, to count how many people are on the tour and claim money from the guide. A couple of pounds only depending the city. So How do the actual company survives? Obviously through pushing you to buy other tours that are not free. The tour guides are expected to sell this tours or they will not get days to work. That’s why sometimes you don’t know if you are on a tour or you are on a Ryanair flight where they push you to be constantly buying a tour.

On our Free Tour Manchester we are different. Our tour guides don’t pay to any company, they just work for tips and they keep their money, because this company is just a two people company focus on you getting the best free tour and the best experience in Manchester. We have other tours in the company that can make your experience better but we are not prioritizing ones over the others and even if you don’t want to do a experience that doesn’t mean that we are not going to help you design your time in the city.

We don’t have hidden commissions with places. Have you realize that in every stop with Sandemans New Europe they take you to a particular bar or cafe? Well, that’s not casual. They take you to a place they get money on exchange or you having a drink there on the stop. And then you ask them where to go to eat and they tell you two or three places and tell you to drop their name… that’s how they monitor how many people they get commission from their “recommendations”.

On Si Manchester we don’t do that. We only recommend you the very best of the best places to eat in Manchester or the best places for a drink in Manchester. Always based on our experience in the city, no hidden favors or commissions, just plainly our love for the culture of the city.

And there’s even more, we are independent people, you help an independent local business and get the best you can from a city.