Los Mejores sitios para desayunar en Manchester

Los mejores desayunos en manchester

Home sweet home

El desayuno en Manchester grita “Home Sweet Home”, es imposible encontrar a alguien que no adore esta gema de Northern Quarter y Greater Northern. Todo en el lugar grita creatividad, con unos interiores recubiertos de madera puedes disfrutar desde el tradicional “English Breakfast” a comida con giros más modernos como “Kale yeah Benny”. Sus cortitas son geniales y simplemente harán que quieras hacer del desayuno tu comida principal del día.

Koffee Pot

Una institución de Manchester ganadora del premio al mejor desayuno por “I Love Manchester” y seleccionado por periódicos como The Guardian como uno de los mejores del Reino Unido. Coffee Pot es el cura resacas de la ciudad, en un ambiente bohemio recubierto de arte callejero del artista Mancuniano Hammo, el restaurante se ha convertido en algo así como una galería de arte de la ciudad.

Y si ya te sientes Mancuniano, ¿por qué no desayunar con un Vito caliente?

El menú está cargado de opciones y puedes tener un desayuno tradicional de cada región de Reino Unido o sacar partido a tu hipster interior y lanzarte a por un “Hipster Vegan Brekkie”.

Moose Coffee Manchester

Hablar de Moose es hablar de palabras mayores. Puedes pasarte horas leyendo el menú y cada plato suena mejor que el anterior. Las porciones son increíblemente generosas y sus cafés y batidos están realizados a la perfección. Moose es tan popular en Manchester que siempre hay cola y no aceptan reservas, pero una vez que consigues la mesa la experiencia es difícil de igualar, la plantilla son increíblemente amables y el ambiente te transporta al amor por el desayuno de América del norte. 

Entre nuestras recomendaciones están los waffles con bacon, el Brunch del Bronx, Lone Star Moose y New York Moose (Huevos benedictinos con jamón serrano)

Lo más probable es que tras desayunar te saltes la comida.


Bill’s nos tiene enamorados. No solo por la decoración super quirky, elegante, divertida e informal, tampoco porque tiene una de las mejores plantillas de camareros de la ciudad sino porque algunas veces solo quieres ir a un lugar a relajarte y desayunar. Eso Es Bill’s Manchester. Sus desayunos son perfectos porque con tu English Breakfasts puedes añadir o quitar opciones para que se acomode a tu gusto y su desayuno vegetariano es simplemente el mejor de su estilo en la ciudad.


¿Buscas algo más en presupuesto? Waterhouse es el mejor Wetherspoons de la ciudad. Su localización, en una casa victoriana junto al Cenotaph y a la sombra del ayuntamiento y sus mosaicos originales de abejas de 1877 hacen un lugar placentero para probar un desayuno inglés o un wrap. Imbatible calidad-precio en la ciudad.

Best British Food in Manchester

There is a myth about Britain that traditional British food is not great. Our following recommendations will surely dismantle this myth. In Manchester you can eat traditional British food showcasing amazing quality coupled with fantastic innovation.

These are our favorites.

The Wharf – M15 4ST

One of our favorites in the city. The Wharf has the charm of an English Country Pub, with wooden chairs, leather sofas and rugs. All this in a large venue decorated with bookshelves and a large outside area with boats moored on the canal right outside. The Wharf is one of the essentials of the city.

For food the Sausage and Mash with Gravy is excellent and a true MUST in England, but the cheese and onion pie is also excellent (Appleby’s Cheshire cheese, potato and onion pie). There is a delicious steak and ale pudding and the Manchester Platter to share with a few beers between friends is a great snacking option.

Undoubtedly one of the best places in the city.

Budget – Main course £13 – £18

Mr Thomas Chop House  – M2 7AR

This is the perfect place to meet and sample English cuisine in Manchester. From the decoration, the atmosphere, the food and the friendly staff this shouts British in a good way. They have 3 Chop Houses including Mr Thomas´ but also Albert Square Chop house and Sam’s Chop House. Any of the three are highly recommended for the quality of the food and the surroundings.

From the main dishes we have classics such as “Fish and Chips” or “Ham ´n´ eggs” and the famous “Corned Beef Hash”.

This is not the cheapest option on our list but for the quality of food and ambience it is definitely worth a visit.

Budget – Main course £14 – £20

Wrights Chip Shop – M2 4LA

Nothing screams traditional British food more than Fish and Chips and Wrights Chip Shop next to the Town Hall is one of the best in the city.

If you want to sample local cuisine on a budget while still enjoying great quality and taste this is the place. It’s designed more for “Take Away” or to eat something quick rather than a long sit down meal in this small venue with limited indoor seating. It is our favorite choice to make a quick stop to eat while exploring the city.

PieMinister – M4 1PD

Another great institution of English cuisine are pies: pastry filled with all kinds of food. Pie Minister offers you a range of 15 different varieties with the prestige of several awards behind them. From El Matador with beef, chorizo ​​and olives to Heidi with sweet potatoes, spinach and goat cheese but there are also Mexican, chicken, kidneys, asparagus …

The best of all this is the prices starting at £5.95 to which you can add an accompaniment for £2 more.

In the middle of the Northern Quarter, it is another of the best stops to eat something on a budget.

Mackie Mayor – M4 5JY

For this last option we are going to cheat. Mackie Mayor is the fashionable place. Different food vendors around a central seating area where each person can choose a meal from any one of the many different establishments. The atmosphere is buzzing surrounded by the industrial character of Manchester. It is essentially a food market showcasing some of the best of British.

The clientele is generally young and vibrant in this Northern Quarter location. Here you have many food options catering to all tastes, and budgets. The place and atmosphere is second to none and a gem in Manchester to really get a feel for what this city is about.

Best Afternoon Tea Places in Manchester

Best Afternoon Tea places in Manchester

Is there anything more British than sitting down to drink tea? Let yourself feel like a gentleman or a lady of the court with a traditional Afternoon Tea. Let us explain, tea is not to dip a bag in boiling water, in England it is a ceremony, it is a whole meal and an experience.

We owe this tradition to Anna Russell, the seventh duchess of Bedford whom in the 1840s, when it was appropriate to have only two meals a day, decided to take a cup of tea every day with a piece of cake. Her idea was loved by high society and the afternoon tea ceremony became a custom in England. Now the ideal is to accompany your tea with sandwiches, teas and scones.

These are our 5 favorite places in Manchester to do it.

Richmond Tea Rooms

Have you ever drank tea in the rooms of Alice in Wonderland? In Manchester you can. With the traditional scones (essential to have a British experience), sandwiches and sweets you can enjoy a wide and extensive selection of tea. To round off you can indulge in a glass of prosecco or a pint to toast and help face the rest of the day. This place is one of our must-sees in Manchester!

Afternoon Tea – £ 18.95

Teacup Kitchen

In the heart of Northern quarter teacup Kitchen has become an institution for its cakes that have won many awards.There is however much much more. In a wood environment full of character and youth you can enjoy a afternoon tea in a more relaxed and bohemian atmosphere.

Afternoon Tea – £ 18.00

Cloud 23

Do you prefer to sit among the clouds? Cloud 23 offers one of the best views of the city and a completely different experience. To access you have to go to Beetham Tower, go up in an elevator that runs through the Hilton hotel and opens to reveal a bar where you can look out over Manchester. With its sophisticated ambience and views you will feel you are definitely at the top of Manchester

Afternoon Tea – £ 25.00 without prosecco

Sugar junction

This a step back in time with Chinese porcelain, pin-up posters and the sounds of authentic war time music.

Going to Sugar Junction is like going to a movie from the past. The place breathes a scent of love for baking and steaming teapots with beautiful aromas. Your traditional Afternoon tea transports you back to the movies of ladies and royalty.

Afternoon Tea – £ 16.00

Grand Pacific

Now we go to a different option. So different that it is not even called “Afternoon Tea” but “High Tea”, at Grand Pacific. Located in a majestic, historic building with an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication. Its selection of sweet and savory are the most exotic from Arancinis with goat cheese, avocado tarts and Brûlées of passion fruit. This is the only option to experience afternoon tea inspired by some of the the most far flung corners of the former British Empire.

Afternoon Tea – £22.00

Best Breakfasts in Manchester

Home sweet home

Breakfast in Manchester screams Home Sweet Home, it is impossible to find someone who does not love this gem with locations in both the Northern Quarter and the Great Northern. Everything at Home Sweet Home screams creativity, with its wood interior serving everything from traditional English breakfasts to modern twists such as “Kale yeah Benny”. Their pancakes are great and it will make you want to make breakfast the main meal of the day.

Koffee Pot

A Manchester institution being the winner of the best breakfast award by “I Love Manchester” and selected by The Guardian as one of the best in the UK. The best cure for hangovers in the city, filled with an  interior that highlights the street art of the artist Mancuniano Hammo and a small art gallery that shows some of the best modern art in the city.

If you want to live as a Mancunian, why not have breakfast with a hot Vimto?

The menu is loaded with options and you can have a traditional breakfast from all regions of the U.K. or you can channel your inner hipster and go for a “Hipster Vegan Brekkie”.

Moose Coffee Manchester

To speak of Moose means you are serious about breakfast. You can waste hours reading the menu and each dish sounds better than the last. The portions are incredibly generous and their coffees and smoothies are made to perfection. Moose is so popular in Manchester that there is always a small line and they do not accept reservations, but once you get your table the experience is unbeatable, its staff are incredibly friendly and its atmosphere transforms you into that north American love for breakfasts.

Among our recommendations are their Waffles with Bacon, the Bronx Brunch, Lone Star Moose and New York Moose (Benedictine Eggs with Serrano ham).

The most likely thing is that after this breakfast you’ll skip lunch.


Bill’s Manchester has us in love. Not only for the decoration which is quirky, fun and informal or because it has some of the most super attentive waiters but because sometimes you want to go to a place to relax and simply have breakfast. That’s Bill’s. Their breakfasts are perfect because with your English Breakfast you can add or remove options to suit your taste and their vegetarian breakfast is simply the best of its style in the city.


Are you looking for something on a budget? Waterhouse is the best Wetherspoons in the city. Its location, embedded in a Victorian house next to the Cenotaph in the shadow of the town hall and its original bee mosaics of 1877 makes it a pleasant place to try an English breakfast or a wrap. Unbeatable quality-price in the city.