Manchester Free Walking Tour

Art, culture, music, football and industry… discover the rich cultural heritage of Manchester, from the Roman era to the avant-garde present. What’s more it’s FREE!




Free Walking Tour of Manchester

At 10:20 am we’ll meet outside the Manchester Central Library next to the telephone booths, to begin our free tour of Manchester, the city which birthed the industrial revolution.

We’ll start walking around St. Peter Square to get to know the history that surrounds this city, the characters that inhabited it and the events that took place there. Do you know what the symbol of the city is? You’ll have to go there to discover it!

Our first stop will be in one of the most important buildings in Manchester, the Free Trade Hall, the protagonist of the Peterloo massacre, and where the current democratic system with political parties emerged. Here, we’ll also find out about the cultural revival, the importance of music and how Manchester became a pioneer for LGTBQ+.

Continuing our tour we’ll reach buildings including the Midland Hotel and the Albert Hall, how many bands and singers in the city do you know? It’s time to remember them all! Next, we’ll see the City Hall. There the guide will tell us about the social movements that marked the city’s multiculturalism.

From here we’ll go into the commercial district and stop to admire the majestic building that is the Royal Exchange, where you’ll discover the importance that Manchester had during the 19th century.

To finish the tour, when we arrive at the Cathedral at 12 pm, the guide will give us some recommendations to organise our stay in the city.

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