Best British Food in Manchester

There is a myth about Britain that traditional British food is not great. Our following recommendations will surely dismantle this myth. In Manchester you can eat traditional British food showcasing amazing quality coupled with fantastic innovation.

These are our favorites.

The Wharf – M15 4ST

One of our favorites in the city. The Wharf has the charm of an English Country Pub, with wooden chairs, leather sofas and rugs. All this in a large venue decorated with bookshelves and a large outside area with boats moored on the canal right outside. The Wharf is one of the essentials of the city.

For food the Sausage and Mash with Gravy is excellent and a true MUST in England, but the cheese and onion pie is also excellent (Appleby’s Cheshire cheese, potato and onion pie). There is a delicious steak and ale pudding and the Manchester Platter to share with a few beers between friends is a great snacking option.

Undoubtedly one of the best places in the city.

Budget – Main course £13 – £18

Mr Thomas Chop House  – M2 7AR

This is the perfect place to meet and sample English cuisine in Manchester. From the decoration, the atmosphere, the food and the friendly staff this shouts British in a good way. They have 3 Chop Houses including Mr Thomas´ but also Albert Square Chop house and Sam’s Chop House. Any of the three are highly recommended for the quality of the food and the surroundings.

From the main dishes we have classics such as “Fish and Chips” or “Ham ´n´ eggs” and the famous “Corned Beef Hash”.

This is not the cheapest option on our list but for the quality of food and ambience it is definitely worth a visit.

Budget – Main course £14 – £20

Wrights Chip Shop – M2 4LA

Nothing screams traditional British food more than Fish and Chips and Wrights Chip Shop next to the Town Hall is one of the best in the city.

If you want to sample local cuisine on a budget while still enjoying great quality and taste this is the place. It’s designed more for “Take Away” or to eat something quick rather than a long sit down meal in this small venue with limited indoor seating. It is our favorite choice to make a quick stop to eat while exploring the city.

PieMinister – M4 1PD

Another great institution of English cuisine are pies: pastry filled with all kinds of food. Pie Minister offers you a range of 15 different varieties with the prestige of several awards behind them. From El Matador with beef, chorizo ​​and olives to Heidi with sweet potatoes, spinach and goat cheese but there are also Mexican, chicken, kidneys, asparagus …

The best of all this is the prices starting at £5.95 to which you can add an accompaniment for £2 more.

In the middle of the Northern Quarter, it is another of the best stops to eat something on a budget.

Mackie Mayor – M4 5JY

For this last option we are going to cheat. Mackie Mayor is the fashionable place. Different food vendors around a central seating area where each person can choose a meal from any one of the many different establishments. The atmosphere is buzzing surrounded by the industrial character of Manchester. It is essentially a food market showcasing some of the best of British.

The clientele is generally young and vibrant in this Northern Quarter location. Here you have many food options catering to all tastes, and budgets. The place and atmosphere is second to none and a gem in Manchester to really get a feel for what this city is about.