Beer Tour Manchester

Beer Tour Manchester

Manchester has a long and vibrant history with beer: from family run breweries still operating independently after over a century to a range of new microbreweries opening over the last 20 years making the city one of the most interesting ones in the world to discover beer. And we will help you with our “Beer Tour Manchester”

Our Beer tour will help you discover Manchester’s hidden gems, from tap rooms to the bars of the newest microbreweries finishing in a traditional Manchester pub. 

We will visit a hidden tap room overlooking a brewery frequented by Mancunians, try beer by the brewery which gave birth to micro brewing in Manchester and visit one of the hippest new bars established by brothers from Salford. We will see the new generation honouring tradition with bar games and fun in a typical British style while experimenting with the beers flowing behind the bar and finish in a Traditional Manchester pub serving beer brewed for over 100 years.

We will try a beer in each of the 5 places we visit while discussing some of the history of beer and how it has influenced the world. You will get to experience a wide range of beer styles and learn a bit about the brewing process and brewing in Manchester.

Our tour is perfect for people who have an interest in beer and want to discover more or those who are new to beer but are interested to try new beers and see some interesting and quirky places frequented by locals.

Meeting Point: 

Outside Manchester National Football museumCathedral Gardens, Todd St, Manchester M4 3BG

This tour is only for +18 years old and a prove of age is required.The tour guide reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone visibly drunk or acting in an antisocial manner. 

Your ticket includes:

Admission to all the bars, a tour through the history led by a local and a drink at every bar


Price £30